Uncategorized Episode 19 (Season 3): A Veteran, A Dog, A Child and Hope Aaron Taylor and Leandra Stotler join me in this very moving podcast that explores how military veterans suffering from PTSD find solace from the comfort of their pet dog. Together they discovered this same need for comfort that many children of military parents have due to  the ever changing military life. With the cost of […]
Uncategorized Episode 18 (Season 3): One Positive Thought can Change Your Whole Day Join me in a genuine conversation with Rich Weller, community activist, as he shares how positivity helps create a better quality of life. An optimistic mindset leads to  healthy living.  Rich is passionate in helping others approach life from a positive point of view, even through difficult times. Rich's life motto is: How you make […]
Uncategorized Episode 17 (Season 3): That's a Wrap! Being licensed in Real Estate within days of one another, Sharon and her office manager, Natalie Dalecky, reflect on the past two years as REALTORS.  From cheering one another on as they sat for the Real Estate exam, to cheering for one another's success as agents, Sharon and Natalie have "journeyed" through the business of […]
Uncategorized Episode 16 (season 3): The Life Changing World of Aviation On-site at Winchester Regional Airport, Carley Walker explores the vast world we live in from a birds-eye view. The opportunities are endless in the world of aviation and the Winchester Regional Airport offers programs to open up that world to each one  of us!Listen as Carley enthusiastically shares the vision of the Winchester Regional Airport […]
Uncategorized Episode 15 (Season 3): Character Development and Confidence Leads to Success Struggling from imposter syndrome and lack of confidence can be the demise of a person's career. Becky Stickley, of Becky Stickley Coaching, shares how she is able to help people find their value and develop their character to help them feel confident in business. Listen as Becky shares important lessons on how putting the right […]
Uncategorized Episode 14 (Season 3): Paradise is a Mindset Age is just a number,  not a state of mind.  Connie Paradise is 72 years old, but that doesn't stop her passion for living her best life!  After a successful career in management, Connie "retired" and began her next career as an entrepreneur at age 65.  Her story will inspire you to embrace life and […]
Uncategorized Episode 13 (Season 3): The “Real” Story of The Real Estate Market The Real Estate Market is ever changing, but the one constant is people are always buying and selling. Join me as I have a conversation with 3 seasoned agents who have been in the industry for enough years to know how to navigate the waters when things are uncertain. Join me as I talk to […]
Uncategorized Episode 12 (Season 3): Resilience in the Face of Adversity October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Samantha Barber shares her difficult story of by believing in herself she was able to find her way out of darkness.  As a victim of domestic abuse, Samantha shares her story  with the hope of helping others who may find themselves in the same situation that she found […]
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Life's Journey Episode 10 (season 3) Inside every Entrepreneur, is the Heart of a Lion Finding the best version of oneself is a journey.  Listen as Mandie Woodard dives into how to being mindful can help you live the life you were meant to live.  Being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone may be keeping you from business and personal growth. Mandie offers constructive ways to overcome fear, […]
Uncategorized Episode 11 (Season 3): There is No Place Like Home Imagine it being freezing cold outside, it’s dark, you are hungry and you have no money and nowhere to go.  For most Americans, it isn’t something we need to think about because we have a place to call home. For the homeless, it’s called survival. This very powerful podcast with Robyn Miller, the Executive Director […]
Uncategorized Episode 9 (Season 3): Aging in Place; Promoting a Positive Quality of Life Respect and support go hand in hand as we navigate the challenges of the "Golden Years." Kendra Ghanbari, the CEO of FirstLight Home Care franchise, shares her mission of helping seniors age in place.  Listen as Kendra shares her passion for family, business and the people behind the business and how she embraces each day […]
Uncategorized Episode 8 (season 3): Integrity and Doing the Right Thing Can Never Be Wrong "Mr. Winchester," Dario Savarese shares his story of creating a business that combines hard work with fun while doing everything with integrity. Dario, the owner of Full Circle Marketing and Director of Marketing and Sponsorship for Shenandoah Apple Blossom  and I have a great conversation on business, life and community.  Listen as he shares some […]
Uncategorized Episode 7: Design to Make a Difference When Meredith Hancock was 8 years old, she was given a tour of a tv station. Although she didn't realize it at the time, that was a defining moment in her life.  Listen as Meredith shares her story of how her love of art has turned into a career in design.  A leap of faith […]
Uncategorized Fur the Love of Pets and Other Tails On this episode, Lavenda Denney and I share heartwarming "tails" about pets and their personalities. Lavenda is the Executive Director of the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Counties where she is "On a Mission for pets and people."  Listen as she shares how the many animals that come through the doors of the SPCA, […]
Uncategorized Episode 5: All in the Family with Jason Vickers The COO of ERA OakCrest, Jason Vickers, sits down with me to have a heart to heart about growing up in a family business.  From his young years of sweeping the floors to help his dad, to having a corner office with a view, Jason shares heartwarming stories of being raised by an entrepreneur with […]
Uncategorized Episode 4: The Senior 5: A High School Friendship in the Midst of a Pandemic From the eyes, and hearts, of 5 High School Seniors (known by others as The Senior 5) you will learn the impact a world pandemic has had on their lives and how a beautiful friendship was formed. Elena Farinholt, Isabella Newman, Lauren Beatty, Liam McDonald, and Nathaniel Woshner share how COVID 19 brought them together […]
Uncategorized Episode 3 (season 3): “Running” a Business with Mark Stickley From a secure job as an engineer, to opening a small retail business, learn how local running legend, Mark Stickley quit his job at an engineering firm to turn his passion for running into a successful small business.  Twenty years later, his store on the Winchester Old Town Mall, Runners’ Retreat, is a staple in […]
Uncategorized Episode 2: Embracing a Community Through the Lens of a Millennial: Andy Gail Andy Gail's enthusiasm for life, and our community is contagious in this episode of Keeping it Real.  Andy is passionate about his position as the Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers and shares how he and his team collaborate with businesses and organizations in an innovated way. Listen as Andy proves by being your best self […]
Uncategorized Episode 1: Behind the Scenes in the City of Wincheser with Justin Kerns Meet Justin Kerns, Executive Director at Winchester/Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Justin shares insight on how partnering with  state and local elected officials, the City of Winchester and Frederick County work with Justin and the local CVB to create a destination plan that entices tourists to visit our local area.  Want to know more […]
Uncategorized Episode 13: When Life throws a Curve Ball, How do you Adjust: with Jill Edlich A mother to 7 kids, an entrepreneur,  a community advocate, and a cancer survivor.  Jill Edlich managed to continue to grow her business and started a community outreach all while fighting breast cancer. Jill regained control of her life by focusing on things she wanted to accomplish in life and moved forward with her mission […]