Uncategorized June 7, 2024

S4E11: Bridging the Gap: Dr. Mercedes Abbet’s Journey to Transforming Community Health

In this episode of Keeping it Real with Sharon, we have the honor of interviewing Dr. Mercedes Abbet, the Executive Director of the Sinclair Health Clinic in Winchester, VA. Dr. Abbet's inspiring journey began in Argentina, where she embarked on her medical career. Seeking new opportunities and driven by a desire for change, she moved to the United States.

Upon entering the U.S. medical field, Dr. Abbet identified a critical gap in the healthcare system: minorities often struggled to access quality medical care. This realization ignited her passion for helping those in need, shaping her career and leading her to her current role at the Sinclair Health Clinic.

Join us as Dr. Abbet shares her remarkable story of resilience, purpose, and dedication. Learn how her commitment to serving underserved communities has made a profound impact, and discover the driving forces behind her leadership at the Sinclair Health Clinic. This episode is a testament to the power of following one's passion and purpose in creating meaningful change.