Uncategorized April 12, 2024

S4E7:Dressed to Empower:Transforming Prom Dreams into Reality with the Founders of Gowns for His Glory

In this heartwarming episode of our podcast, we sit down with Dorcas Sturgill and Bethany Searfoss, the inspirational founders of Gowns for His Glory, an organization that's making prom dreams come true for young ladies in our community. Discover how these two remarkable women, from vastly different backgrounds, joined forces to address the need for accessible prom attire. Bethany, who navigated a troubled childhood, turned her challenges into a catalyst for change, while Dorcas grew up in a home where giving and fostering children were part of everyday life. Together, they've created an incredible initiative that collects and distributes used prom dresses and accessories to high school girls, completely free of charge. Tune in to hear the story behind their annual free shopping day before prom—a day that not only outfits young women for a memorable night but also empowers them with confidence and a sense of belonging. Through their journey, Dorcas and Bethany demonstrate the power of compassion and the impact of coming together to fill a void in the community. Join us for an episode filled with hope, transformation, and the true spirit of giving.