Uncategorized February 10, 2023

Episode 20 (Season 3):Community Forward, Employee Focused

Winchester City Chief of Police,  Amanda Behan, is the first woman Chief of Police in the Winchester Police Department's history. Amanda shares how she started her career in law enforcement in 2001 as an officer recruit and how she gradually rose through the ranks and was promoted to Chief of Police in 2022. Listen as Amanda  discusses the challenges of breaking through that glass ceiling of a male dominated profession and being a trailblazer for other women. Amanda has worked hard to create a community focused police department that also focuses on the health and well being of the officers and employees in her department.

Under Amanda's leadership, she created a value statement that states the following: We are a community-forward agency that appreciates our employees as individuals while promoting their work as a team.   Amanda's enthusiasm and commitment to her community, family, employees and career are evident throughout our conversation.  You won't want to miss this inspirational story.